My 2016 List with Joy


Here it is, unedited.  My 2016 list.  Things I would like to focus on and keep in mind.  A list of my thoughts poured onto paper, unfiltered.  I am emphasizing the “unedited,” and “unfiltered” part because, if you notice, the list includes writing, journaling and blogging more.  What is the biggest hang up for me when it comes to this?  The need for all things to be polished.  The need for all possible responses to each post to be considered.  Too much time is spent holding onto drafts and editing, or never writing, creating or publishing at all.  Are you going to judge my ability to create by the fact that this page in my journal is not well composed?  Well don’t.  It is not included in the portfolio–where my best work is presented.  And that could really use some cleaning too–and just in case you’re an art director, an agent, or a fellow creative, I’m well aware that it needs a lot of work.  (but I am always open to suggestions on ways to improve.)

Why is the word “joy” emphasized?  Because so often I write long lists of tasks and goals for myself and the farther down the list I go, the more anxious I get.  It is as if I am writing it inside of a box called time and the more I write down, the less I might be able to squeeze it in.  NO.  Dear 2016, NO.  I will write it down joyfully and do the best I can.  I will be diligent and work hard, but in the end, what will be will be.  This is a year of finding freedom in the ideas–not fear.  This is a year of positivity and less stress.  And look!  I am already winning!  I have already gotten better at dealing with my anxiety in the latter half of 2015 (something I have  struggled with all my life) and that’s a very positive thing.  I am also writing this post!  Another step in the right direction 😉  Hey now–there’s a progress parade going on over here!

Why am I telling you this?  Am I being self indulgent, and all about how “the world revolves around me?” Well maybe–probably haha.  But more importantly, I know that creative magic happens when you loosen up and go unfiltered.  When you write and journal your thoughts, it is like a practice that feeds the rest of what you do.

It feels good to just pour all of my thoughts out and let it go.  I hope you find joy and liberty in reading this too!  I feel better already.

I’m writing this List with Joy.  My 2016 List:

-add to portfolio
-more time at the gym
-more prayer & meditation
-clean inbox
-write more & more often
-blog too!
-journal too!
-write letters
-read more
-play music
-get involved with performance art
-be fearless
-be forward thinking, approach things with assertion, confidence, positivity & no fear
-less anxiety
-more clarity
-sleep more soundly
-make work joyfully

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