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  • A Day of Dual Events; Friday, March 6th 2015

    Whereas my husband Cam and I often enjoy working closely together on our creative ventures, next Friday, March 6th, we both have big events happening on opposite sides of the city.  If you are in the Phoenix area next weekend, I encourage you to go for a drive and check them out.  If you are not in the area, you can read about the ‘goings on’ here.

    In Scottsdale I will be at ASU’s event Emerge at Skysong Center.  It is a “festival of artistic and scientific visitations of the future.” The whole event runs from 3pm – 12am and is free and open to the public.  The event is featuring NPR’s Radiolab founder and host, Jad Abumrad who will be on the outdoor stage at 7:00pm.


    In this project I am working as the Production Manager for the Set Design Team.  We have been hard at work creating a blank canvas for all of the performance and interactive teams we call “visitations.”  Each team will have a designated space on our “set” to present their projects in.  Our design team includes Stage Manager Cooper Sanghyun Yoo, Lighting Designers Hailey Featherstone and Jamie Arakas as well as Projection Designer Ian Shelanskey, Set Designer Mahya Najafianrazavi, Technical Designer Michael Blaney, Technical Director Max Evjen and our Co Director Megan Halpern.  It has been fun to take a different seat in the creative process.  I have enjoyed the collaboration as well as working more closely in the field of performance art.

    On the other side of town, as part of the “Art Detour” weekend, {9} The Gallery will be hosting  the artwork of seven Master of Fine Art Painting students from Arizona State University.  My husband Cam DeCaussin will be one of the featured artists.  The reception for the show will be on Friday at 6pm.  Cam will have several oil paintings in the show.  This event is also free, but the work will be for sale.


    The show will also feature the work of Travis Ivey, Swapna Das, Joe Holdren, AJ Nafziger, Rory Alan MacLean, & Lisa Hoffner.

    If you take a walk next door to the gallery, you will find “The Lodge Art Studio” where the closing reception for “Being Human” will be taking place.  On the outside of the building, you will be able to spot the freshly painted mural by Rebecca Green that I recently assisted with.  You can read my blog post about that project here as well as Becca’s blog post, and the Phoenix New Times article too.

    For more information about each event click the links in this post.  You can also check out Emerge on Facebook & Twitter as well as the Facebook Event Page for 7 @ 9


  • New Work :)


    I am getting ready to head down to Saugatuck, Michigan tomorrow for the Village Square Arts Fair.  I have been working on some new ways to present my work and I am really enjoying this new way to do it.  They are original watercolors that are gallery wrapped.  They look clean and they are ready to hang immediately after purchase.

    saugatuck1 saugatuck5 saugatuck4


    My fiance Cam DeCaussin will also be showing his work at the show tomorrow.  It will be the first time we will be showing our work side by side 🙂

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  • Introducing: Cam DeCaussin

    I would like to formally announce my engagement and introduce you to my other half and fiance, artist Cam DeCaussin.


    It is important to me that my viewers know this because we are both artists and I can definitely say that I would not be much good at my work without him.  Together we work as a unit, not only as a couple, but also creatively.  We brain storm together and work in the studio together. We go to art shows together and critique each other’s work.  In fact I will rarely send out a painting for a client unless it gets Cam’s approval.  Cam knows my work better than anyone. DSC_9956

    Cam is an artist too…a photo realistic oil painter, we could not be more different in both the medium, process and style.




    Cam at his recent gallery showing at Central Michigan University “Continuum” in February 2012.


    An Artistic Journey Together…
    Cam and I met while studying art & design at Grand Valley State University.  At first we were just friends and then classmates working and studying together in the studio during all hours of the day.  Cam is the reason I got through my first and only oil painting class.  I helped him when it was time to study watercolor too.  We fell in love in the painting studios.  We both graduated from the Illustration program and received our BFA (bachelor of fine art)I graduated in 2009 and Cam in 2010.


    Cam and I will be married in the church we claim as our own,Immanuel Lutheran Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan in September 2012.  Together, we stand on our solid foundation, Jesus Christ.


    My new name will be Amy DeCaussin.  I’m excited to change it, but a little nervous about my professional career because I’m afraid people won’t recognize me anymore.  This is why I named my company Funamals, but my name is often still used with it too.


    We got this wonderful sign for our home from our friend Jennifer Chiodini at Click & Create Alphabet Photography. It is really cool to have something personal in our home to recognize what we will become…..The DeCaussin’s


    I feel that in addition to knowing my work, by knowing Cam and his work one can fully understand me better as an artist.  Without him, you really only see half of the picture.  I’m so glad to have this opportunity to share with you our life as it evolves.



    Photos by the amazing Amy Carroll Photography.


    Amy DeCaussin specializes in Illustration.  View her work here,

    For illustration, image licensing, agent representation,

    and other creative projects contact Amy:

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