Handmade Baby Boy

This special little boy is 5 Months Old! I recently did a little photo shoot with him highlighting a few handmade items that were made just for him. As we love all things handmade, these are not the only gifts he has received, but they are particularly special. You can find more handmade items in my blog post about our nursery.

1. Grandma Made His Baptism Outfit

Shown in these photos are his adorable white romper and bonnet handmade for his baptism day. My Mother, Kay Hofacker and I went to our favorite store in Phoenix, SAS, a local fabric store and selected the white fabric with pinstripes. Mom took to her sewing machine and made this amazing outfit. Needless to say, this outfit will be treasured forever!

Marcel is laying on my baby blanket that my Grandma Great made me!

2. Baptismal Baby Blanket

On Marcel’s Baptism day at Saint Barnabas, we received this gorgeous blanket made by a group of ladies who get together every Tuesday morning at church to craft and socialize. A special thank you to Shirley Adelmann <3

3. Great Aunt Hazel’s Time Capsule

When we shared the news of our new baby’s forthcoming, my Mother pulled a gift box out of the back of the closet. It had been wrapped and ready for gifting for twenty years and came with a note inside. Around the mid-1990s, my Great Aunt Hazel came to realize that she was losing her sight. Even though I was only a kid, she wanted to plan ahead for the future. So she secretly made this sweater and booties for when I have a baby and asked my Mom to give to me when the time comes. Aunt Hazel passed away in 2006 at the age of 97. My Mom kept her promise throughout the years. In the summer of 2018, she gave me the box. It was like opening a time capsule. There was a special note from Aunt Hazel and these precious heirlooms still wrapped in tissue paper. I was so touched that she thought of me, and so long ago too! Like connecting with someone across space and time, I couldn’t wait to dress my baby up in these sweet items and introduce him to his Great Great Aunt Hazel Braal. She was an amazing person.

And like all proud Mothers, I had to share a few more photos below from our special photoshoot. My husband Cam and I will be married 7 years this fall. It was so wonderful to place Marcel with our wedding photo and marvel at how our lives have grown <3

He is holding a special cross necklace from his God Mother, Sarah Petersen, and her children.