Maternity Photos

I didn’t think I wanted maternity photos, because they didn’t seem necessary to me, but toward the end of my pregnancy, I started to realize that this is a special stage in my life and that it might be nice to capture it. Still set on not making it a big deal, I asked my Mom if she wouldn’t mind taking a few photos when she came to visit from Michigan. So one night my Mom, Dad, and my husband Cam and I drove up to the summit of South Mountain. It was a very cloudy day and had been raining–unusual weather for desert-set Phoenix, but we were determined to make the best of it. Both Mom and Dad took some snapshots and while the light wasn’t great, we were grateful to have the photos. We were about to call an end to it when suddenly, the sky opened up and this amazing sunset appeared right at the very end. The whole sky turned pink and the rain over the valley caused a great rainbow over Phoenix. Yes, the rainbow was completely real and not Photoshopped as I was later asked. We were so pleased with the results and had a really great time enjoying a special family moment. All photos are by Kay Hofacker.
Choosing from our photos, we created this New Year postcard to send out to family and friends.